Feb 042015
Ally reading "Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa" to elementary school children

Ally reading “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa” to elementary school children

Join me at Largo Public Library on February 10th for a reading of my children’s book, “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa” at 10:30am followed by a FREE and fun yoga class. I’ll share the story of Garuda, an Eagle who might normally eat other animals but decides instead to practice ahimsa, or non-harming and treat others with love and kindness. He goes on a journey for friendship, meets new friends, learns how others live, and shares some important messages like non-harming, true friendship and gratitude along the way.

I’ll have books on-hand for purchase and signing and would be honored for you to attend. After the reading we’ll act out the story in a yoga class for children, and of course big kids can participate too. Come and join the fun!

Location, Date and Time:
Tuesday. February 10th at 10:30am
120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771
(727) 587-6715

Feb 042015
Based on the tremendous response to our first 200-Hour Yoga Training in Panama City, I will be co-teaching our next program with respected local Panama City teacher, Caroline San Juan Czubaj beginning in May 2015.

Ally Ford Yoga Training, Panama City, FL

Ally Ford Yoga TeacherTraining, Panama City, FL

This is the only in-depth yoga training program offered in Bay County and is designed for yoga participants who desire to grow deeper in their practice or teachers/aspiring teachers who would like to learn critical skills for teaching confidently, safely and effectively. Caroline and I are very excited to offer this unique experience to the Panama City community, which will include meeting one weekend per month for a total of eight months.

Space is limited
Contact Caroline to register today:

Caroline San Juan Czubaj
MS, NASM-CES, E-RYT 200, RYT 500
850-630-3365 or via email at: caroline@beyondtheposeyoga.com

2015 DATES and TIMES: Fri 5pm-8:30pm; Sat 9:30am-6pm; 8am-5:30pm
May 15-17
Jun 12-14
Jul 17-19
Aug 14-16
Sep 18-20
Oct 16-18

Nov 13-15
Dec 11-13

Tuition: $2950 ($2750 if paid IN FULL by Apr 1st, 2015). Include $500 non-refundable deposit. Deposit secures your spot.
Location: Panama City Health Club, 1598 Balboa Ave, Panama City, FL
Jan 142015

Kids of all ages are welcome to attend this yoga class, book reading and signing. I’ll read my new children’s book, act it out in a yoga class, and answer your questions about the book, the characters, and anything else about which you’re curious!

Ally Ford’s children’s book, “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa,” is the story of true friendship, love and kindness, and non-harming. Ally teaches yoga to adults and children around the world and is excited to share this story with yogis big and small as well as act out the characters taking readers on a journey on and off the mat!

Price includes one signed book! 

Starts: Thursday, February 12 2015 @ 3:00 PM
Ends: Thursday, February 12 2015 @ 4:00 PM
Cost: $20 early bird special/ $25 regular price


Green Locus Yoga – click here to register!
9636 West Linebaugh Ave. (2nd floor)
Tampa, FL 33626
Phone: 813-444-8394

Dec 022014

The Happy Jar – Fostering Mindfulness And Gratitude With Children
By Ally Ford

The Happy Jar, Gratitude and MIndfulnes With Children

The Happy Jar, Gratitude and MIndfulnes With Children

Each night when my family sits down together for dinner we end with a lovely mindfulness tradition, “The Happy Jar.” My children named it, I like to think, for the way it makes them feel. We each write a little note about something for which were grateful and at that moment, regardless of what’s happening with any of us, whether there are tears over the healthy dinner mommy cooked that nobody wants to eat, or endless begging for dessert, all worries fall away, the table quiets, and hearts open.

It’s always a fun team project. My six-year-old daughter gathers pens and paper for all and hands them out. Together, in silence, we reflect upon something that made us feel happy and for which we’re grateful, write it down, date it, and fold up our notes. Then, and this is the really fun part, we try to guess what everyone wrote down. Though, as much as we want to tell each other, we do our best to keep it a secret (well, sometimes we just can’t hold it in, which of course is totally awesome). My eight-year-old son then collects the notes and deposits them into the happy jar, which is a vase on the buffet next to the dinner table.

It’s funny, I actually had the vase for years before I was married or had children and just used it for decorative purposes. But it just so happens to have the Chinese symbol for happiness on it, which makes me feel like it must have known it was destined for a more important use. At the end of the year on or around New Year’s Eve, based on party plans and family gatherings, the four of us sit down and one by one draw the notes out of the jar to read at random. It’s a special way to end one year and enter the next with the frame of mind of gratitude, positivity, and love.

Many experts recommend keeping a gratitude journal or adopting a gratitude practice because it’s been scientifically shown to lift spirits and help manage stress and anxiety. Writing it down is certainly poignant, but it can be just as effective to pause and simply think of something for which you’re grateful and notice the sensations it brings to your heart and your entire being. Pause and try it now!

I find that when I think of one thing for which I’m grateful, it plants a seed which then flowers into the recognition of numerous wonderful things I have in my life. It can be a powerful practice which can transform a day of challenge, pain or hardship into one of calm surrender. So I invite you to try The Happy Jar with your family and make it a fun family event. Let the children choose the jar, paper, writing utensils and the special place you’ll store all of these materials. Have them name it anything they’d like, make it their own, and make it perfect for your family. May it bring as many smiles and as much laughter and love to your family as it has to mine.

Let the gratitude flow, and may your Happy Jar runneth over.photo (15)

Nov 132014

Just have to share – during a dermatology procedure that I had this afternoon I had to sit still in a room with a special light very close to my face, eyes covered for 20 minutes. The first thing I did was pretend this was meditation “practice.” I used the counting breaths technique that you taught us and turned what could have been a very “not-so-fun, very uncomfortable” process into a learning experience. I was so thankful to be able to use that tool!!!

Hugs and gratitude to you, my teachers!!! ~Nancy, Teacher Training Student