Apr 152014

We speak with Kino MacGregor, the youngest woman ever certified by Ashtanga Yoga Guru, Pattabhi Jois on what motivates her to keep spreading the message of Ashtanga Yoga virally. From her youtube videos to books, dvds and a plethora of other yoga products, Kino has effectively gained a following of millions of viewers. She calls herself a Yoga Entrepreneur and from my observation she’s got it down. Check it out!

Apr 022014

I got to talk with Dr. Healy of roothealingcenter.com in Dunedin who is so knowledgeable! He applied my first acupuncture needles… in my scalp! I felt no pain at all what so ever and actually had feelings of giddiness and clarity. Acupuncture is a scientifically proven effective treatment for many ailments. But who knew you could use it for general check ups, overall health, and in place of botox? Check it out!

Mar 172014

We speak with Prudence Bruns, Mia Farrow’s younger sister, who studied Transendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India at the same time as the Beattles! She was so dedicated to the practice she locked herself in her room to focus, which inspired John Lennon to write a song encouraging her to come out and play called “Dear Prudence.” Prudence is so inspired to teach TM to as many people as are interested and you can study with her today at her institute in Florida.