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Mar 092018
What International Women's Day Means To Me

Thursday, March 8th marked International Women’s Day, 2018 and this day means so much to me. My journey to becoming a strong woman is always evolving. I feel grateful to have been inspired by the women in my family and the incredible friends, yoga students, and colleagues I am blessed to continue to meet. As [Read more…]

Dec 162017

From now through December 31st, 2017 when you order one of Ally’s children’s yoga books, you’ll get a second one free of charge. Order now through Ally’s web site by clicking here! Happy Holidays! Please follow and like us:

Dec 162017

Launch 2018 with a commitment to health and wellness while deepening your yoga practice. Ally has been guiding this yoga studies and yoga teacher training program in Tampa Bay and across the U.S. since 2004 and helped hundreds of yoga practitioners dive into a deeper understanding of themselves through yoga or actually launch a yoga [Read more…]

Nov 142017
New! Ashtanga Yoga Adventure Retreat Swiss Alps

Join KPJ Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Ally Ford for a retreat in the magnificent Valais Region of Southern Switzerland, the heart of the Alps. Breathe fresh air and connect with nature. Take in gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains in a luxurious 4-star resort and spa set in a remote valley. June 3-8, 2018

Nov 272016
Sorry, Not Sorry

To the man who overheard the conversation I was having with my children at a café this morning about the plight of elephants, who rolled his eyes and got up and moved, I wish to say, “sorry, not sorry.” If I rained on your breakfast parade by educating my children about the fact that one [Read more…]

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