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Jul 062016
The Sweetness of India

Now that’s a carpool! The sun was shining today, a rarity during India’s rainy season of July and August, so my kids and I took a rickshaw to a swimming pool. Our driver, Loki let us know that he’d need to be back in time to pick up nine children when school let out. The [Read more…]

Jan 062016

Many students have asked me for a detailed explanation of the Ashtanga Opening Mantra as of late, and the one that helped me the most was written by my first, beloved Ashtanga Yoga teacher, John Berlinsky in Mill Valley, California. This is the interpretation I choose to share with all of my students and while [Read more…]

Nov 252015
Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks By Ally Ford This is a special time of year! The air is cooler, the holidays are approaching, and we look forward to celebrations with our loved ones, family and friends. Growing up, I enjoyed family gatherings, but honestly never really cherished them as I do now, having grown older and having experienced [Read more…]

Sep 092015
ABCDs of Meditation

On a recent visit to a nail salon, I had an interesting conversation with one of my beautiful, 85-years young neighbors about¬† meditation. She was very interested in how to practice and said, “I tried mediation and it was so difficult. I just couldn’t sit there and shut off my mind!” We laughed, and spent [Read more…]