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Nov 142017
New! Ashtanga Yoga Adventure Retreat Swiss Alps

Overview: Join KPJ Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Ally Ford for a retreat in the magnificent Valais Region of Southern Switzerland, the heart of the Alps. Breathe fresh air and connect with nature. Visit the Event Page. Click here. Take in gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains in a luxurious 4-star resort and spa set in [Read more…]

Nov 272016
Sorry, Not Sorry

To the man who overheard the conversation I was having with my children at a café this morning about the plight of elephants, who rolled his eyes and got up and moved, I wish to say, “sorry, not sorry.” If I rained on your breakfast parade by educating my children about the fact that one [Read more…]

Sep 212016

Mindfulness, mindfulness everywhere!  This month it made the cover of a special edition of Time Magazine for a second time—a repeat of the January 2012 cover—and has gained much attention around the world, particularly in the last 10 years. But, mindfulness is nothing new… in fact, it has existed for millennia, and throughout history practitioners [Read more…]

Jul 062016
The Sweetness of India

Now that’s a carpool! The sun was shining today, a rarity during India’s rainy season of July and August, so my kids and I took a rickshaw to a swimming pool. Our driver, Loki let us know that he’d need to be back in time to pick up nine children when school let out. The [Read more…]

Jan 062016

Many students have asked me for a detailed explanation of the Ashtanga Opening Mantra as of late, and the one that helped me the most was written by my first, beloved Ashtanga Yoga teacher, John Berlinsky in Mill Valley, California. This is the interpretation I choose to share with all of my students and while [Read more…]