Feb 042015
Ally reading "Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa" to elementary school children

Ally reading “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa” to elementary school children

Join me at Largo Public Library on February 10th for a reading of my children’s book, “Garuda, The Eagle Who Soared With Ahimsa” at 10:30am followed by a FREE and fun yoga class. I’ll share the story of Garuda, an Eagle who might normally eat other animals but decides instead to practice ahimsa, or non-harming and treat others with love and kindness. He goes on a journey for friendship, meets new friends, learns how others live, and shares some important messages like non-harming, true friendship and gratitude along the way.

I’ll have books on-hand for purchase and signing and would be honored for you to attend. After the reading we’ll act out the story in a yoga class for children, and of course big kids can participate too. Come and join the fun!

Location, Date and Time:
Tuesday. February 10th at 10:30am
120 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771
(727) 587-6715

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