Jan 092014

The New Year is upon us and the time is ripe to clear your mind, check in with your heart, listen to your deeper inner self and ride the tide to success. The miracle of manifestation is not only available to the “lucky” or the “chosen” few. It is available to all of us if we just learn a few simple yet powerful techniques to invite into our lives. You CAN decide what you want to do, and you CAN manifest it.

Here are my three top suggestions for healthy practices to invite into your life. They’ve worked for countless others and they’re working for me.

1. Surround yourself with people whom you’d like to emulate. Read books by people who have achieved amazing things in their life for inspiration, such as the Dalia Lama, Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Richard Paul Evans, Bob Marley, or Dr. Wayne Dyer. The list is long. Who and what inspires you? In addition, spend time with those people in your life who inspire you and help support the style and quality of life you wish to lead. Maybe you choose to spend more time at the yoga studio with others who are committed to health goals in their life, or join a singing or dancing group if it is more of your passion you wish to manifest. Whether it’s a business or math club or a roller blading at midnight disco club, find like-minded people who help lift you up as opposed to dragging you down! Surrounding yourself with a supportive community can be a powerful aid to achieving your dreams. Life is constantly opening doors and even cracking windows we can choose to walk or crawl through. By the same token, people cross our paths for a reason. Keep your mind and heart open to those who enter your life and if the energy is positive, explore it!

2. Exercise your body and your mind. There is a direct correlation between how healthy we feel and how well we feel in our mind. If we’re sick or in pain it is often all we think about it. So incorporate active movement into your day every chance you get. Whether it is a brisk walk or jumping jacks in the morning before you get dressed or around your office at lunch or on a ten minute break, get your body moving and healthy. Ideally, we want minimum 30 minutes a day, but just because you don’t find that window don’t write it off. Remember something is better than nothing. The same goes for mental exercise. In my book these are the yoga practices of  deep breathing and meditation. Go to a yoga class or sit for a few minutes of slow deep breathing any time in your day when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. If you don’t have a meditation practice check out the free 10-minute guided meditation in the resources section of my web site. Your meditation or mental exercise might be playing music or listening to music Any activity which helps you focus, calm and clear your mind can be transformational and helpful for you to tap into that deeper voice inside yourself to know what it is you truly want. As Gandhi said, “listen to the slow, still voice within.” And when you hear it, write it down. Which brings me to the third tip.

3. Journal. My trusted friend and colleague, Sharon Denton offers a powerful plan for journaling for manifestation. And I have incorporated this into my life by taking time to meditate and journal every new moon when the energy is ripe for planting seeds and ideas. If you can’t find time daily to take even 2 minutes to write, do it at least on the new moon, then follow up on it on the full moon to check in and see if you’re making steps toward that which you said you wanted. There’s no need to over think this. Simply write free-form thoughts as they come to you and keep them positive. Avoid writing what you don’t want in your life and instead focus on what you intend to manifest. Rather than write, “I want to stop drinking alcohol,” write instead, “I intend to adopt a healthier diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and clean drinks like green tea and water.”

Once you get your mind clear and tap into the Universal energy that surrounds and pervades you, you can get out of your way and ride the wave of manifestation. We are the Universe.

Peace, love and OM!

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