Sep 052012

To help the environment, my family is now driving a Prius Hybrid! It may not be the sexiest car aesthetically, but of course that’s a matter of perspective. With the money we’ll save on gas, I can buy a whole lot of yoga, and that makes me feel sexy! For years I’ve struggled with the desire to purchase a bigger car, like a mini van or SUV, so we could haul our children and their friends to lots of events. But taking one for the Earth feels a whole lot better. Honestly, I don’t even consider it a sacrifice because it’s still a new car to us and still fun to drive.

At the end of the day if we could all take our egos out of the purchase equation, then whether it was a Ford Fiesta or Ferrari would make no difference. Instead, we would make choices based on what yoga calls “Ahimsa,” or non-harming toward others and the environment, and “Aparigraha,” or non-hoarding of things (in other words, taking no more than we need). Mother Earth needs us to gather as a collective Earth family worldwide to make positive changes today, not tomorrow. Consider how much we take from the Earth for every single thing we consume, every single day, without giving back. Maybe we choose not to think about it because it can be extremely overwhelming and even depressing when we do. But when you consider some of the alarming facts here, we cannot afford to go another day turning a blind eye:

1. Arctic sea ice hits the lowest recorded in history. 8/23/12

2. NASA Images Show the Great Rain Forest Disappearing. 8/6/12

3. Shark population collapses, causing other species to vanish. 4/7/07,2933,262486,00.html

4. Only 10 percent of all large fish, including tuna, swordfish, marlin, cod, halibut, skates and flounder are left in the sea. 5/15/03

5. The Disappearing Rainforests

6. Plastic In Our Oceans the Size of Texas

The shocking research list goes on and on. But posting these links here are not meant to be shocking, they’re meant as a reminder to us all to start taking notice of what is going on out there that we don’t necessarily see with our own eyes every day. Notice many of these statistics are almost a decade old, yet from a global perspective have we seen major changes to reverse them? We may not be able to rely on government policies to protect our environment, but can we all ask ourselves, “What can I do right now to make a difference?” Maybe we can eat less fish or demand that the fish we do eat comes from sustainable resources. Maybe we can use less plastic. Perhaps we can refuse to accept plastic bags at the super market and remember to take our own cloth reusable bags, and write letters to grocery stores to request that they start using compostable plastic products. And, maybe we will choose to only purchase products that use minimal packaging. We can definitely stop buying plastic bottled water when study after study shows that tap water is just as good. Perhaps we’ll use less paper and plant a tree this year to counter the carbon emissions released from our homes. We can all certainly find an environmental cause that is important to us and get on board to help all the environmental soldiers who are fighting to save our planet, and show them that the work they’re dong really does matter and that we really do care.

Our planet is precious. We need to think about how we can give back to her. Treat her as we would our own mother and take a moment every day to say thank you to her for giving us life. Collectively, our efforts will make a difference. Peace, love, and OM.

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