Feb 032019

Week One: Body Scan Meditation (20-45 minutes for six days)

Find a quite place to practice the body scan each day this week. This can be practiced lying down or sitting.

45-Minute Body Scan:


20-Minute Body Scan:


Week Two: Practice the Body Scan Meditation (20-45 minutes) for three days and the Awareness of Breath exercise for three days.

Awareness of breath exercise (15 minutes):


Week Three-Four: Alternate the body scan recording with the Lying-down Yoga recording, every other day, six days this week. Practice awareness of breath 10-15 minutes each day.

Lying-down Yoga recording:


Standing Yoga recording:


Week Five: Alternate the body scan or a yoga practice with this longer seated meditation that has less guidance and more space for silence.

40-minute guided seated meditation:


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