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  1. Awe Thanks for sharing that ALLY!!! I love love love the TV show!!! I appreciate all your guidance all the time…

  2. do you still have space available for the first week?

    • Namaste, Tiffany. Yes, we still do have space during the first week of our Retreat to Greece trip. To register, simply choose your room option and make payment, then I’ll be in touch to help with travel details. If you need additional information before booking or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone, which you can find on my web site. Thank you for your inquiry!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing your perspective, Ally.

    If you were to see my feed on Instagram, the majority of photos I see are yoga related. Id’ say one in every 8 is someone in a challenging/advanced pose. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It’s super inspiring for me to see what it possible!!

    On the flip side, I’ve had brand new students come to me and say they don’t think yoga is for them because they are overweight or lack flexibility and they can’t do what they see in the pictures/videos that we see all over social media. That’s what prompted me to write this blog post on the topic last year –

    I’d also make the argument that many yogi’s who post photos/video aren’t doing it to draw more people to yoga and is more ego driven. But hey, that’s fine by me, too! Pose and post away!!! I draw tons of inspiration from it.

    Thanks again for the great article!

    • Heather, thank you so much for your heart-felt response. I agree with the concern that many may feel intimidated by photos, just as many people are intimidated by super slim, idealistic figures in other ads. Though, I do know that at least 1 in 10 people in the U.S. are practicing yoga so it does seem the barrier to entry is coming down. And, that’s why we have amazing teachers like YOU in the world to help educate anyone and everyone on how yoga can help them. I would love to see more photos of “normal” yogis in less demanding poses online, and surely those are coming! Lastly, I’ll just say it’s really hard to tell from a post or a photo what is ego-driven. But again, whether it is or it isn’t, I just feel there are bigger things to worry about and try to change, like how humans really need to work harder together to save our planet. Thanks always for your insight, Heather. Sending love and light!

      • So true on all counts, Ally! And you’re right, who am I to know or judge what is ego-driven and it really doesn’t matter…there are much more important things to put energy into. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful and thought-provoking teacher! Your heart is always in the right place and I continue to learn from you through blogs like this one.

  4. Ally that is so perfectly worded. Each time of late (after as you mention the criticism) I’ve noticed my anxiety even creeping up by posting a “pose” photo. I personally find them so encouraging and hope to encourage others, however the amount of negativity from other teachers does tend to make you take a step back and constantly reevaluate posting. What is often an encouraging and inviting (for non yogis to try yoga) photo tends to gain negativity from those who really should beam acceptance and positivity and be wanting to draw more attention to the practicing yoga. And like you said if that’s by someone trying it because they saw a photo then we all should snap snap snap a little more x

  5. Ally, I’m so excited to learn of your children’s yoga book. The reviews are wonderful! If you don’t mind, would you share your journey to publishing as I have a children’s book that I’d written years ago but never published. Any leads in the right direction would be appreciated. I’ve settled on the east coast of FL permanently and visit Sue (Riley) as often as possible. Wishing you continued success in all ventures.
    Thanks, d adams worsnop

  6. Hi Ally – I completed your 200 hour program in 2012 out of White Orchid. I was wondering if you are offering any 500 hr programs?

  7. A beautiful story thanks for sharing!

  8. “Sure enough, about 15 excruciatingly long minutes later, the rickshaw pulled up full of smiling, laughing children. He unlocked a special compartment, reached inside and pulled out my wallet completely in tact. Overwhelmed with emotions of joy, gratitude, and humbleness, I actually started crying ”

    Been there done that so many times !!! I love those tearful, happy gratitude story endings !!! ;) Happy Bday, and I hope you deeply absorb your journey ! How wonderful for the kids !

  9. Does this mean no inversions ever again with detached retina surgery

    • Hi Sheryl, this is definitely a question for your doctor! An if you get an answer, please let me know. Thank you~

  10. hi ally, is child’s pose still safe for people eith eye issues and blood pressure? techincally it is an inversion?

    • Marnie, forgive the very slow response. This is definitely question for your doctor or the doctor of the individual student in question. Child’s pose is generally safe for “most” bodies with appropriate modifications. With sensitive knees one can place a blanket under them and keep hips high for less of a knee bend. For concerns with pressure around the eyes, in the head, or very high blood pressure, definitely ask a doctor, and if ok consider propping the head up with a blanket and/or a block under the forehead. Thanks for writing!

  11. Hello,
    I’m new to the area and am interested in finding a suitable teacher training program. Do you have a program scheduled for 2018 and, if so, what are the dates? Also, is the program the same cost as the one currently underway?

    Thank you, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, I won’t have a program beginning until late 2017. The cost of the program does vary from studio to studio so please stay tuned for future program announcements. Thanks for writing!

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