Oct 172013

Gratitude: Chants for Healing and Harmony – Available on iTunes and other online stores for $9.99
Or, order the hard copy below for $14.99 plus tax and Free Shipping (standard USPS within the U.S. contiguous 48 states)

1. Ashtanga Opening Mantra
2. Vakratunda Mahakaya (Ganesha Chant)
3. Asato Ma Sadgamaya (For Clarity)
4. Sahana Vavatu (Teaching Mantra)
5. Sam No Mitra (For the Removal of Obstacles)
6. Purnamada Purnamidam (Connect with the Infinite)
7. Mani Bhratphana (Higher Consciousness)
8. Lokah Samasta (May all beings be happy)
9. Guru Brahma (Removal of Ignorance)
10. Ashtanga Closing Mantra (Mantra for Peace)


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