Aug 282013

Question from student:
“So when I practice at home, or go to a class for that matter, I typically only get through about 1/2 the primary series…never further than Navasana. Honestly, I typically don’t have much more than an hour to practice daily at home and there aren’t any full Primary Series classes in town. Therefore, I don’t ever get a chance to work on any of the poses in the last 1/2 half of the series, but would like to. I can see from experience that practice is what gets you into the poses and they are all attainable. My question is, how would you recommend that I work on the poses in the 1/2 half? Should I do all the standing poses and then start with Bhujapidasana? Or do you recommend that I don’t try working on them at all?”

“The Ashtanga method is to practice the sequence in order as each pose is a precursor and preparation for the next. Poses after Navasana like Bujapidasana and Kurmasana require much heat and flexibility and are developed slowly over time through a six-days a week practice. Generally speaking it is not safe to skip previous postures and jump to those. My advice to you is that if you truly want to develop the Ashtanga practice and latter half of primary sequence you must make more time to practice as it is taught and be patient :) It would be best to try to practice with an experienced teacher from time to time, then develop what they teach you at home. Or, invest in a good Ashtanga DVD to work with daily. Finally, perhaps you can find a group of Ashtangis to practice with for support and motivation.”

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