Oct 072013

Ally Ford’s Study Program was an experience I will never forget, leaving indelible memories and new friendships along the way.  Ally’s knowledge is deep and her Study Program leaves you with invaluable information you will use on and off your mat, for the rest of your life. Her style is warm and inviting. Her energy, effervescence and charm is overflowing and shared with all.  Her inner wisdom, innate teaching talent, gifted voice and compassion is something everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of in their lifetime.

The entire White Orchid Yoga family of teacher’s have been a part of this amazing experience. Sharon Denton and Calley Masson have been exceptional influences and have played such a significant role throughout my 5 year yogic journey. I have learned so much and appreciate all that they continue to make available with their insight, generosity and time they give so willingly. The teachers at White Orchid Yoga are true professionals that have dedicated their lives to sharing their vast knowledge of Ashtanga yoga.

Thank you to Coni, Owner and Founder of White Orchid Yoga for making this all possible. You’re an angel that someone sent to us for a reason. The suffering you have had to endure hopefully will soften just by knowing how many people’s lives you have touched. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!”

Roni Lloyd
Sports Marketing and Sales

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