Feb 062014

My morning began with a brief meditation, breakfast with my family, then (after driving the kids to school) volunteering in my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom and my son’s first grade classroom. I realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to see them in their element, and also to help their teachers. Goodness knows they work hard and can use all the help they can get. I finished the work quickly and smoothly and was on schedule to course through the rest of my busy day.

 My next stop was the yoga studio to say goodbye to my friend Emilia, as it is her last day to teach Mysore before heading back to Miami, then get on my yoga mat to practice and stay on track to get to all the other items on my to do list. But when I walked into the studio, in addition to Emilia, there were more friends I hadn’t seen in a while. My friend, Calley just returned from Mysore, India, Rhonda, Suzi, Janie, Coni, Joel, Tanya, Amber, Roni and others. As much as I wanted to do my asana practice this morning, I also wanted to savor the moments I had with these cherished friends I rarely get to see. It was a sea of love, laughter and connection.

Connection…hmmm, isn’t that what Yoga is all about? While we talked and laughed I’ll admit my mind wandered to the desire to rush to say hello and move on to my next task, but something else said stay, be here now and cherish this moment. So I did, and I’m so glad I did. There are so many times in life that we’re so caught up in our head about our to do list that we’re in the future. And that means we’re missing the opportunity to fully experience what is happening right here, right now.

There was a time in my life when if my plans changed I was upset, disappointed and irritable throughout the rest of the day. Had I rushed to leave that conversation this morning, I would have missed the stories, the laughter, the hugs and the opportunity to connect with some of the most important people in my life. My yoga practice didn’t happen this morning on my mat, it happened in that circle of friend, and I know it is precisely because of my yoga practice I was able to be present, mindful and go with the flow. It was so not what I expected and it was absolutely beautiful. I’ll get to my asana practice later or tomorrow, and I’m okay with that.


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