Jun 252011
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Each time we step onto our yoga mat we have an opportunity to tune in to ourselves and observe our state or mind. Our mind is the ultimate lens through which we perceive the world and our circumstances. If our lens is “clouded” with negative impressions then this is how we view ourselves and the world around us. So we can understand why it is most is helpful to notice any negative impressions that might be clouding our perception and directing our attitude and actions throughout the day, and redirect those thoughts into positive energy. Oprah called it “owning our energy.” Understanding that even our thoughts release energy and that energy is felt by all those around us-by our spouses, children, friends, and co-workers-then we feel a greater responsibility to ensure that energy in the form of our words, deeds, and yes-even our thoughts-is positive.

A wonderful way to do this is by setting a positive intention when you start your day or come on to your yoga mat. Place your palms together in prayer, close your eyes, bow your head and tune into your heart. Feel the subtle vibration there and invite in the positive intention that you need for your day at that moment. Based on what’s happening in your life you might you need patience, understanding, forgiveness, or even joy or laughter. Tune in to that intention and allow the vibes of loving energy to transmit through you, to all those around you, then offer that intention up to the universe. Each time you feel challenged in any way, rather than get caught up in a negative whirlwind of thought considering all the events that led up to that challenge or the outcome that may potentially result, think of this intention. It is a helpful tool to redirect negative thoughts into positive thoughts and create healing.  But don’t just take my word for it. Try it!

Wishing you peace, harmony, health and beauty from the inside out,



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